Barn Tasks to Take Care of in Spring

The weather is heating up, which means there are a few things you need to do on your farm. We’ve already provided you with some tips on how to take care of your horses when the temperature rises, but now we’re going to go over the chores you need to complete in and around the barn.

Now is the time when insects start becoming a nuisance once again, especially flies. These insects can be annoying to both horses and people, and having them around provides no benefit to your property. You can place fly traps around your barn, or even install an automatic fly control system.

You can expect more rain in spring, and depending on your property, that could mean more mud. Prepare for this by creating some trenches around your barn area. You may also want to put out or take away rainwater collection bins, and even check on your compost pile.

This next task is more fun: start planning for the things you’ll be doing in the coming months. Whether you will be attending horse shows, going on vacation, or going anywhere else, get out your calendar now so you aren’t scrambling to keep track of everything in the middle of the summer.

How are some of the ways you prepare around the barn during spring? Let us know and make sure you keep checking back for more horse and barn tips!