Horse Protection When A Tornado Strikes

Monday, May 20th was a devastating day for residents of Moore, Oklahoma. As a two-mile long tornado pummeled the small town, people did their best to get out of the fiery storm’s path. Unfortunately, there were those who couldn’t find safety in time and the town and our nation is left mourning.  The lives of countless animals were among the many loses that residents must endure.

The Midwest and Southeast are susceptible to tornado season every year, leaving residents to learn all they can on how to react when disaster strikes. But those less fortunate are often the four legged ones who don’t know where to go. This is why we are dedicating this post to horse rescue and protection in the threat of a tornado.

According to an article on, when you know a tornado is brewing and about to touch ground, a horse’s best defense is to be let go into an open pasture where they can run from the impending danger. Also, it is recommended to put ID collars on a horse with a name, phone number and address so that he or she can be returned if found. When the tornado has subsided, the article suggests to find a nearby horse farm or commercial facility that is willing to house the horses until the barn, if damaged, is repaired.

For more tips on preparing your horses for protection against a tornado, read the full article at If your state is prone to tornadoes, try to find time to put a plan to in place to protect your beloved animals.

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