Protecting Your Horse in Winter

It seemed that much of the country experienced warmer than average temperatures to close out 2015. That meant your horses were able to enjoy more of the outdoors than they are usually accustomed to experiencing. However, that has changed, as Winter Storm Jonas (also known as Snowzilla) ripped through multiple states across the Mid-Atlantic United States. Washington, D.C. and New York City were hit hard in addition to a slew of other cities.

At Deer Creek Structures, we hope that if you live in those areas that you sheltered up and no one was hurt. We wish the same for your horses. Although blizzards can be erratic and not at all predictable, you still need to make sure to protect your horses during the colder months or risk having them face winter health problems – and it all starts with the shelter.

Fran Jurga of Equus writes, “Cold temperatures alone don’t generally make horses uncomfortable, but wind and moisture can be difficult for them to tolerate, so they must be able to escape the elements. The best solution is a structural shelter that is big enough to allow all of the horses in that field to safely get out of the weather. One horse with a very dominant personality that won’t allow more submissive types into the shed may be a problem, so owners need to evaluate the personalities in the herd to ensure that this doesn’t happen.”

Hmm…a structural shelter big enough to house all your horses, you say? We can help with that at Deer Creek Structures. If you are looking horse barns, shelters or run in sheds, look no further. We have the highest quality structures on the market and feel that it is our mission to assist you in providing only the best care for your horses.