Retired Horses in the Florida Sun

Reverence for the God-given strength and beauty of the wild horse is easy to achieve when one considers both the power that these animals possess and yet their great capacity for peace. Horses who are cared for care for their masters in return. Here at Deer Creek Structures, we try to do our part by constructing superior horse barns and acknowledging those who give of themselves to help our equine friends.

One such group has been forming in the state of Florida. Long considered a favorite destination for retirees, this state is also seeing a large population of retired horses thanks to the work of Peter and Mary Gregory. This British couple who have settled in the Sunshine State, where they run the 325-acre Mill Creek Farm, which caters to horses that are nearing the end of their natural lifespans.

In 1984, the couple bought the farm and opened a non-profit organization called Retirement Home For Horses. According to this article published by ABC News, the Gregorys took on the project because of their lifelong love of horses stemming back to their childhoods in Britain. As Peter Gregory told the news outlet, he and his wife believe that even saddling and bridling a horse goes against how nature intends that we should treat equine creatures.

These horses are in various stages of old age or sickness and would likely be terminated if not for the care and love of the Gregorys. About 130 horses currently reside on the farm, where they will live out their days and then be buried. Thanks to healthy donations and the couple’s retirement fund, they’re able to meet the $250,000 annual operating expenses for the farm. However, they’ve inspired others to devote of their own time, such as the veterinary students who provide pro bono care to the horses.

It takes a divine nature to be able to give of yourself to the creatures of this world without any expectation of return to yourself. Deer Creek Structures appreciates the righteous work of people like Peter and Mary Gregory, and are glad to see their story receive recognition across the world.