Shed Row Horse Barns

When life on God’s creation brings storm clouds and extreme weather, it’s natural for any creature to want to seek shelter. Too often, we as people assume that a strong animal can bear the brunt of winds and rain, forgetting our role as stewards of the creatures in our domain. Here at Deer Creek Structures,… Read more »

Why Does a Horse Buck?

When it comes to stable animals there are a lot of things we still don’t always know about them, but one of the most unusual questions and common ones that most people just have to ask is: Why does a horse buck? Well, it’s a lot more complicated to explain than just something simple like,… Read more »

Horse Safety

We’re always quick to point out the many benefits there are to treating horses with the dignity and integrity that God wants us to have with any of the creatures in our domain. Here at Deer Creek Structures, we also want to take some time to talk about the realities of handling horses safely. It’s… Read more »

West Nile Virus against Horses

If you’ve ever lived near a creek or river in the summer time, like the majority of ranches tend to do, then you might have met your fair share of mosquitos bugging you. What most people never seem to understand is that mosquitos love more than just human blood; they actually enjoy horses and cattle… Read more »

Horse Communication at the Core

We all learned from a young age that a horse goes neigh, but what we often don’t realize is that a horse neighing isn’t actually providing communication to another horse. For the longest time we actually haven’t been very sure on how horses communicate with each other. This is largely because we haven’t really done… Read more »

Horse Crisis from the Recession

After a recent study was conducted in Ireland, the population and the Irish Equine Center have managed to get a better read on the past situation with a number of neglected and unwanted horses across Ireland. It was a few years back during a large recession that hit the UK, Ireland, and the US bad,… Read more »

The 2008 Global Crisis and Horses

When we as humans show charity to the many beautiful creatures that inhabit this world given to us from God, we not only live with more integrity but also actively help to create the world, which He envisioned for us. For those who are interested in showing that kind of generosity to horses, now is… Read more »

Light Therapy for the Horse Athletes

Ever since we’ve been riding horses, we’ve also been trying to find ways to give horses the best comfort we can after they’ve been thoroughly worked out. Unfortunately, we can’t just bring them into our house with the air conditioning or heater so they don’t freeze or can cool off properly. That’s where a recent… Read more »

Therapy Horses in Hospitals

At Deer Creek Structures, we like to remind our readers how important it is to treat your horses with care and love. It is our Christian duty; it’s ingrained on our hearts and souls. That’s why it’s so important to make sure they have proper shelter all season long, which is why our horse barns… Read more »

The Welfare of Horses

  When treated properly and with a dignity befitting of their power, horses can be a lively addition to some kinds of public events, especially parades. However, it is of crucial importance to make sure that the creatures who cannot speak for themselves are well cared for while in the employ of any handler. Deer… Read more »